Light Painting Workshop


The initial intention for this workshop was to be low light/light painting on location.  Unfortunately, strong winds and heavy rain forced a change of plan to an indoor session.

This workshop used a pixelstick – an LED light strip for creative light painting – it displays patterns and images, which can be customised with photos, drawings or other digital images.  The pixelstick is a vertical strip of LEDs, which displays images one column at a time.  When captured during a long exposure, the image appears to be floating in mid air.

While experimenting with the device, it became apparent that moving too slowly or too fast distorted the image.  In the leopard sequence, moving too slowly at the start of the sequence has overlaid its head and front legs.


Abstract designs are created by setting the pattern to a ‘ribbon’ design, then spinning, twirling and moving the pixel stick.

This is a practice run with hall lights on.


The set up to capture light painting:

  • the camera was placed on a tripod
  • camera set to Bulb mode
  • remote release cable used
  • shutter speed set to around 16
  • ISO set to around 400

These settings are a start point, so may need to be adjusted during shooting to obtain a bright image with a near invisible background.